Work in progress • Intrasenze and United Action Network

Current Projects  January 2017


Co-founder at Intrasenze and United Action Network


I work as lead concept designer for the startup company Intrasenze AB in Sweden. My work include general concept development, branding, product design, GUI/UX and overall visual identity for the company. I'm also involved in the business and strategic guidelines for all software and hardware products.


Intrasenze where founded in July 2015 by Tony Fahlström and me. Since then, Intrasenze have half secretly launched various releases of UAN-Safe – a smartphone application for personal safety and communication.


UAN-Safe let everyone share and take part of varnings and emergencies and our users can also create private or open communication networks and invite people to join them. Briefly spoken. :)


INtrasenze also develop hardware products that will be announced shortly.


Humanity and civilization facing new treats and I'm proud to work with a possible cure!


The app are now ready for download from Appstore and Playstore.


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